This is it, the project that we have talked about for some time. We are moving forward to show case our signature in the art and culture business with (The American Finest President). Directed by Ike Mbanefo (sculptor artist ) the project is a detailed wood hand carvings of the 45 United States Presidents portraying the birth of a Nation and what America has brought to the world. The project covers an in depth thoughts, ideas, reasons and etc. of what America was and has become. It covers the political era of George Washington, the 1St US President to the current Presidency. It is an overview of the United States world views from the inception featuring the role leaders and the international counter players in staging and shaping the world we live today The guiding principle underlines the artistic professionalism that art works in all facets of our life. Our job is to create, innovate and conceptualize ideas to attract different audiences that would inspire meaning, dialogue and expressions. The project is comprehensive, educational, scientific and multidisciplinary. I welcome a professional consultant in art and US foreign policy experts. Since the organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you, we ask you to consider a donation to our cause All donations are TAX deductible with out art thank you gift