Art is an outlet of expression that is usually influenced by the culture and in turn helps to change culture, means that it is a physical manifestation of the internal creative impulse. Culture as an effective vector for the transmission of knowledge and the basis for innovation and creation, including scientific breakthroughs in addition to understanding the symbols used by other groups through cultural exchange makes it possible to establish a correlation far beyond. The parallels established an essential pillar for development, which complements those of an economic, social and environmental nature.

Art & Culture is real

Civilization started with art and cultural awareness, from darkness to the spotlight the world is changing very fast. Be Civilized

As cultural industries grow rapidly around the world, creativity is becoming an increasingly strategic economic asset that can help maintain a country's cultural identity. It is important that developing and developed countries, which are often rich in cultural heritage and creativity, are not left behind but actively supported in their efforts to participate in the global market place for cultural and creative goods. The Global Alliance provides a platform where public and private partnerships can be created between the members to help get cultural initiatives off the ground and share know-how and experiences. It will promotes the respect and enforcement of intellectual property rights without which artists and creators can protect their work or turn their creativity into viable businesses