America Care Development Organization is a non-profit non-government public funded corporation whose work is to position art and culture as a social economic fabric of community life and development. It requires that art and culture be represented in different works of life as multidisciplinary functions. We work with communities, artists, scholars and others to take such actions as to accelerate the pace of art and culture through projects of high standard values with artistic expressions, diversified to inspire hope and dialogue between cultures where creativity and innovation is pivotal to job creation

Art is culture, it is our nature, movement and expression. It is our simple way of life, through schedule and unscheduled workshops, we play in the street sidewalk and shows, visitation to schools, parks, business centers, internet online etc. We are a mobile organization and go places to let people and the world know that art has no boundaries You too can join the movement. Show what you get. It is a crusade, mentoring empowering, educational, scientific and multidisciplinary. It is a creative world of art and culture civilization , Get involved Are you?